About Us

Pishon Integrated Limited is founded by Nigerian Entrepreneur Jennifer Chidnma having to her accolades many years of service in the Oil & Gas Sector. PIL is a global leader in bidding contracts for the private and government sector.

Our business is also built around offering products and services at every stage of the coastal and marine development lifecycle, from development, infrastructure and coastal protection, to operation and maintenance, focusing on products that protect and support our coastlines, marine environment and people.

Through our brand Pishon Integrated Limited, we are at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and distributing globally a range of marine products for coastal and marine protection, demarcation and navigation alongside rendering the best bidding services. In the past 10 Years since early 2010, we acquired have successfully offered our services to over 45 companies both blue-chip multinational companies, private, and government enterprises, the Nigerian leader in all contract bidding services, construction, oil prospecting while putting safety, security and environment booms for inland waterways, ports, dams and critical infrastructure into cognizance.

We work with clients all over the world in the commercial and government sectors, primarily general and oil and gas, marine contractors; developers; hotel, port and marina operators; facility managers; governments and authorities.

Through developing engineered products for a better environment, we will achieve our mission of solving the world’s most pressing problems and creating a more pioneering industry as we aim to make sure we offer the best service.